Grindcore-Heroes HERIDA PROFUNDA from Poland and the famous HELLBASTARD from Great Britain meet up for this beautifully executed Split-release. HELLBASTARD need no further introduction, the band that gave crust music it’s name shred 5 raging thrash-crust songs two of them being re-recorded old songs that come around even more angry than the old versions.

HERIDA PROFUNDA add 10 songs to the split, the longest being the outro of 3 minutes, the shortest song is a NAPALM DEATH cover only being one second long. The rest tells all that has to be said about police violence, animal rights and fascist confrontation in less than a minute and a half. This is perfect crusty grindcore, right on point!

The artwork is done by GRAVELORD ARTWORK and deserves a special mention, as it is strikingly beautiful. Alltogether a great mixture of crust and grind in a magnifiscent packing!

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