PR005 Moribund Scum – Redneck Execution

Originally released 2013, the „Redneck Execution“ -demo built the fundaments of what is now the sound of Moribund Scum.
7 thrashing crust songs take no prisoners, the lyrics are direct yet thoughtful and deal with topics like religion, fascism or body shaming. All in all Redneck Execution shows perfectly how talented the musicians in Moribund Scum are and how much love and effort they put into their music. The following releases „Into the void“ and the split LP with partners in crime Exilent „Renewal“ continued this path.
The tape version of Redneck Execution was available on concerts and sold out soon. Twice.
Five years later, Moribund Scum decided to put out the demo one more time, but this time on vinyl. In colaboration with yours truly this release was executed.
The record is now pressed on white wax, with an inside-out-cover and inlay. The edition is limited to only 250 copies, so you better be fast!

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