PR006 – Knifeman -Özmein

In the eastern regions of the Ukraine you will find mostly nice landscapes, broken nuclear plants and bloody political conflicts. Perfect breeding ground to form a really, really pissed hardcore band.
KNIFEMAN are a trio from Kharkiv and did exactly that. The mix created is complex layered on a base of stable and carrying bass guitar and drums . This allows the guitar to break out in a manner that shows a love CONVERGE and bands alike. Still KNIFEMAN always find their way back to a pounding dis-beat without becoming boring.
This record is a must for fans of bands like TOTEM SKIN or BACCHUS.

The A-side of this record contains the ÖZMEIN-album while the vacant space on the B-side is used for songs of previous EP’s which untill today are only available in digital form.
All fellow vinyl collectors, please note: 100 copies come pressed on red wax, the rest will be regular black. First come, first serve!

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